Capece-Flavhan Wedding (May 5, 2001)

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Here are the pictures I took on the occasion of the wedding of Paul Capece and Kate Flavhan on May 5. Yes I did take a lot of pictures--there are 216 on these pages. Most of them required adjustments in the brightness, contrast, or focus.

I have taken measures to minimize the time for the pictures to load into your browser:

Use of thumbnails when showing groups of pictures.
The files which hold the thumbnail images are typically 1/16th the full-size pictures they represent--this means the load very quickly.
Presentation of the pictures in groups
Rather than show 216 thumbnails on one index page, I have separated the pictures into four groups so that the respective pages will load faster. This is also more kind to your browser.
Compression of the full-sized images
The full-size images are compressed so that they take approximately half the disk space of the originals. This makes the pictures faster to load and easier to store without undue loss of image quality.

If you would like to print any of these pictures on your printer, I recommend that you e-mail me to request that I send you the original .JPG file. This is because the loss of image quality that comes of the compression really shows up on the printer.

[Practice walk up aisle] Preparations for wedding, rehearsal dinner
(44 images)
Get me to the church on time.
(65 images)
[At the altar]
[Introduction of the Couple] First part of reception festivities--arrival of couple and guests
(65 images)
Rituals at the reception
(42 images)
[Let him eat cake]

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